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Birthdate:Jul 19
I am a transplanted New Yorker who still has occasional bouts of homesickness for Texas. I am married to my best friend and we've been together now for 13 years. I am a public radio producer and I absolutely love my job, even though I wish it paid better. I am an amateur writer, I dabble at photography, I have been known to sing and play piano and a little guitar in a past life.

I am a pagan and a heathen who is constantly questioning and testing things out. I believe in the gods, in spirits, in energy and that the universe is a living being. I also believe in logic and science and that we each are the captains of our souls.

I am a Cancer with a Cap rising, a moon in Leo and a whole lot of water and earth in the mix.

I am a dreamer, inherently lazy, a fanatic reader of books and devourer of music. I love the offbeat and quirky, but abhor the malicious and petty. As I grow older, I find myself seeking friendships with fellow creatures who are intelligent and curious about the world, who love to laugh and aren't afraid of being silly. I crave conversations. If I like you, I will invite you over for tea and a chat.

I am self-conscious and sometimes entirely unsure about myself. At other times, I do indeed believe I rock the world and will not hesitate to tell you all about my greatness. I blog about silly and entirely mundane things, with lapses into poetic prose and dribbles of genius. I am equally boring and amusing and fascinated by other people's lives.

I am nowhere near the end of my story.

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