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I was completely unprepared when I met you. I stepped outside of my house on that cold and snowy March evening and turned around and there you were, running across the pavement towards me. You jumped up into my arms, burrowed inside my coat and that was it. It was love at first purr.

I was unprepared for how sweet you were, how you would paw at the blankets until I lifted them at let you crawl under. You would curl up against me, paws kneading away, and purring loudly enough to be heard in the next room. You never hissed at us in anger, you never attacked or bit - there was just that sweet disposition that cheered us both up so often, Mr. Pink Nose.

I was unprepared for how smart you were. I remember the night I was on the phone with Nanny and heard the toilet flush. And then another flush. I went to the bathroom and saw you sitting there on the edge of the seat, reaching out with your paw to hit the handle yet again. Nanny really laughed about that one. She always said you sounded like the kind of cat she could actually tolerate. I know you would have loved her.

I was unprepared for how much trouble you could cause, in your own mischievous way. No glass of water was safe around you; if we turned our backs just for an instant, you had your head inside it, trying to drink the water. Usually this ended with the entire glass being dumped over and then you'd run but I swear, I heard you laughing inside your head. In later years, you grew even more bold and would reach out with your paw while we were trying to drink and would hook the edge of the glass and try to tip it your way. Cheeky little bugger!

I was unprepared for your love of the bathroom. Somehow you always knew when I was heading there and you would run ahead, rearing up and knocking your paws on the door. This was usually the only time we would hear you meow. I'd open the door and you would run inside, jumping up on the sink and demanding a fresh drink of water. Or you would crawl around in the tub, or would hide behind the shower curtain and beg for me to play with you. Odd but it was how you were.

I was unprepared for how quiet you were. In a house of very loud and demanding cats, you were my silent one. Even when you did meow (only when you wanted in the bathroom), it was a tiny sound, as delicate and sweet as your personality. You didn't need a loud voice to demand attention - all you ever had to do was jump up next to me and place your paws on my chest and I was ready to do your bidding.

I was unprepared for that first trip to the vet a couple of weeks ago. I was unprepared for all the guilt and worry, all the fights to get you your medicine. I was unprepared to see you turn your head away from the glass of water offered to you, and unprepared when I saw how tiny you suddenly were, curled up next to my pillow. But you were still so sweet, making your way over to me when I would lay down at night, purring always to share your love of us.

I was unprepared on the final day, wanting nothing more than to find a miracle that would keep you with us for a little while longer. Even though it was your time to go, no amount of knowing that it was for the best could have prepared me for the gaping hole that has been a part of me since.

I was unprepared when you walked into my life, and even more unprepared when you left it but I am so thankful for the nine and a half years we had between. You were my friend and I will miss you for the rest of my life.

Floyd "Vic" Hooker Cat

January 1999 - November 17, 2008

*** This is my Week 9 entry in [info]therealljidol. This week's topic was "Unprepared." I would love to hear what you thought about it, and would appreciate your vote when the time comes. Thanks for reading! ***


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